Asset GDP introduces a new and innovative but simple business plan that has not yet been introduced in referral marketing.

You can achieve whatever you want with this plan.This will help everyone use their talents.

Through our each referrals, we get 40% of the coins that the coin hoder earn each day. For example, if we referrerd few members and they hold 100000 [1 lakh coins] for a day, then they get 200 coins that day and we get 80 coins

We have seen lot of referral programs with one time commission but this is a one time job and earns a long time,As long as people keep the coin. In fact, all the new members joining in our team will be our long term asset.

Increasing coin prices and people buying more coins will boost our incomes. We also receive 40% of the team bonus income. As our team grows, so does the revenue.

When a member gets 0.2 % of daily holdings,the sponsor will get 40% of the 0.2 % and this will continue to upper levels.

A sponsored B
A gets 5.44 coins [ 40 % of 13.6 coins]
B sponsored C
B gets 13.6 coins [40% of 32 coins]
C sponsored D
Cgets 32 coins [ 40 % of 80 coins]
D sponsored E
D gets 80 gdp [40 % of 200 coins]
E hold 100000 GDP
E gets 200 gdp [0.2 % coins for a day.]